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Friday, July 1, 2011

Grass clippings = less weeding

So it's humid as all heck here but I wanted to get something done.  So I went outside watered the garden since some of the plants looked like I felt.  You know how you just feel rather listless and limp on these hot muggy days well my plants were all rather limp and sad looking so they got some water.  Then I spent an hour or so mowing some more of the lawn and luckily Nick has a lawnmower which catches the grass clippings in tubs.  So after they fill which isn't long, I drive over and dump the grass/mulch where I can use it easily to mulch around the plants.  This saves me money buying plastic to put down or mulch or hay to keep the weeds down.  My least favorite part of a garden is weeding.  You never seem to get ahead; well at least I don't!  So the mulch wont stop all the weeds but it stops most and not only do I get exercise the lawn looks better and some weeds are smothered with the grass I put down.  Another good thing about using the grass is when i harvest everything I don't have to worry about pulling up plastic to keep it from being tilled up next year.  I Know that they will be tilled into the dirt and be fertilizer plus the lawn looks better from being mowed. 

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