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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finding the Right Dress and First Cucumber From the Garden

So it's a day off which I love the moneys nice but the job just makes me mad.  It isn't hard work it's just the constant abuse about my work skills.  I know suck it up find a better job with better people.  So anyways last night Nick went thrift shopping without me to be fair I was at work.  On a good note he brought me home some canning jars.  So I went to the garden and picked my first cucumber!  Yay!  I know we'll be doing pickles soon.  I need to find a good recipe.  Any thoughts on good recipes for pickles?

On another note Nick says to me last night we need to set a date to get married.  I'm like OK haven't thought much about it...He says next summer?  My dad wants to get us a cow as a wedding present!...ha ha well we have talked about getting a cow for milk and beef.  Now i need to figure out where to get married and what  the dress will look like.  I've already decided to get it off eBay since it will be much cheaper.  the plan is to search around for a dress shop figure out what looks good then go from there.  I have an amazing sister who's great with hair and nails and makes amazing cakes!  So that will cut down some bills.    Yes those will be her presents to me. 

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