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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Day of Fun.

So I just got back from my walk and hope I didn't sweat all the sunscreen off I put on.  I got a horrible sunburn on my forehead yesterday and look rather tomato like.  MMM lunch was some fresh broccoli out of MY garden with some dressing and some of the left over roasted chicken I made the other night.  I've been walking at least an hour a day and doing an ab and arm work out.  I am hoping to lose around 40 lbs by Xmas we shall see.  I want to get a kick boxing (or something similar) tape I can do any suggestion for a fun tape I can do from home?  No dance tapes please!  I stink at them my sister is the dancer in my family and when I imitate here everyone laughs...I have no idea why... :-D. 

I had my dessert early and it was a handful of fresh raspberry's.  We'll just keep that from Nick since to be fair they are his raspberry's.  I figure first come first serve.  I am watching my zucchini like a hawk since i have several 2 or 3 inch squash and I know I'll forget to check them and suddenly they will be these huge things! Which will be good for bread but I want to cook some up in just a little butter with garlic and onions.  I love them like that.  I know my dad prefers to egg and bread slices which is good too, but then what isn't good egged and breaded? 

My beans are finally flowering and my corn is above knee high and yes it was by the 4th of July.  I'm not sure if that saying applys here to corn knee high by the fourth of July?  That's the saying in NY if you want your corn to be developed by harvest.  I am jealous though the corn in the fields (cow corn I call it) is waist to chest high on me.  I admit it was in before mine, fertilized a lot better and so on but still.  I love sweet corn it's one of my favorite things to get out of the garden.  Nothing like corn on the cob freshly picked.  My mother always said Grandpa would wait till the water was boiling then go pick the corn so it was especially sweet.  I think today they have played with the corn enough that its still sweet for a few days.  I know despite growing some corn in our garden we bought a bushel of day old corn (day old is half price) and it was still amazing.  At home in NY we are lucky to be very close to a large area that has many barns that sell just veggies and fruit.  Its always amazing to go see all the corn and just baskets of broccoli and so on.  We usually buy extras or just go there because they have it ready before our garden is.  Plus the veggies are a local business and it's always nice to support local!  The veggies there are cheaper then your going to get in the store anyways.  Not to mention there s a great ice cream place by the one!  The one farm has berry picking and they encourage you to eat as you pick!  Can you guess my favorite place to go?

I'm hoping to start picking mulberry's in a few days Nick has some trees on him and if we go to his parents I'm hoping to pick some there since there's are better then here! 

I'd love some suggestions for squash recipes and work out tapes leave me some comments please!

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