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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cheap Cold Dinner on a Hot Day

So I've got a pasta salad going for dinner.  Pasta is really cheap and simple.  So far I've added some diced tomato's, fresh ground pepper, garlic powder, salt, some Italian dressing, I also tossed the onions I thinned from my garden in the food processor and added them as well.  Now thanks to advice from a friend I plan to brown some chicken from Nick's sister and toss that in too.  This way I will have a complete meal for dirt cheap.  Yes, I know I have an advantage since my future sister in law gave us the chicken breast.  You can add any meat you have handy; tuna, chicken, or whatever you think will be good.  It just makes a nice meal on a hot day.  I actually wasn't sure what to make for dinner and asked friends and they both suggested pasta salad.  They also think I should add olives but since I hate them I will not be adding them.  I;m sure they would be a good addition to people that like them though.

Got some work done in the garden today.  With all the mulch I've got down you wouldn't think there would be any weeds but there are.  We have this grass that takes over everything out here, it's terrible stuff.  I thinned the onions as stated above to encourage the others to grow bigger and be worthwhile.  I may have to do it again this year.  I  have my onion tops in the dehydrator.  I'm going to dry them and store them to use in soups and other food or for a garnish.  This way I don't waste anything.  I cut and washed everything then took the bottoms and placed them in the food processor and put the nicely ground bottoms in a bag in the freezer.  I can add them to my cooking too.  I picked some beans to have tonight.  I think we'll just eat them raw since they are so nice and small.  Plus this way I don't have to heat up the house any more then I already have.  I picked my broccoli too it's been such a waste this year.  All my plant have had small heads that if I didn't pick very quick they flowered and were a waste.  I figure we'll eat that tonight too since it will be better fresh.  The goal tonight is to plant one more row of peas since mine haven't done much.  Maybe this last row since I plan to plant it out of the shade will do better.  I need to get that tree cut down before next year.   

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