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Monday, November 21, 2011

Do You Need Superpoints referal codes?

Super Points referrals I have them if you want them just sent me a message here and I will post them!

New Fun Website For Some Extra Christmas Money?

http://superpoints.com/wrpgs/gpbscu It has a daily click button and I guess you start off with 5 and get more as you go up I'll prob just stick to the click to win instead of doing surveys for more money unless I get a lot of time on my hands! As you get referrals you get more clicks faster payouts and so on...we shall see what this one brings

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thrifty Chicken Food

So yesterday we spent an hour or so walking around the corn field picking up ears that when combining had been missed.  I'm not sure why why the chickens aren't out there picking but maybe they're just lazy.  Today I have to run in get my pay check and then do some shopping.  It really makes me realize I need a new job when my fiance will work 3 days of overtime and make more then I will in a month...yea...to bad he is paying off his house and paying to fix up the barn.  I keep telling him when he brings me home a bunch of corn I need some more chickens since I just have bantam chickens and they don't lay worth crap they are good moms though.  

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Making Some Money Online!

So I'm always looking to make some money or get some free stuff online I can't tell you how excited I get when I open the mail and there's a box of stuff for my to test!  Ok yesterday I got was toilet paper but hey it's free and I get paid for it!  I also got a five dollar check and free t-shirt. 

I'm going to post a few links the first if you sign up is for free lingerie when 10 of your friends sign up!

This next link is super quick surveys and it pays through paypal and they match whatever money your friends make so if you have a lot of referrals you can make decent money I know the girl that referred me makes at least 15 bucks a month and shes won 50 bucks 3 times because her referrals did!  I just like it because there so short!

I can give people some more links if they're interested in making money online!

A Day Off Sort Of...

Ok so I've been working my part time job and haven't done any blogging sorry!  Lately I've actually been getting some decent hours at work 10 and 11 hr shifts!  I guess that still doesn't add up to much when its minimum wage and I'm not full time.

On a side note I've been doing a lot of coupon clipping.  Am I an extreme coupon-er, no!  I wish!  I just go through the coupons then look at the local store which only doubles up to 50 cents and doesn't double on stuff on sale.  Sometimes items on sale would still be cheaper at wal-mart!  I figure it's a small local store I don't have to drive since I work in town anyways so it is probably still cheaper shopping at the local store with coupons.  I like that I can check the flyer and then write down my coupons next to what I want despite my fiance teasing me about my cheat list!  It just makes sense to clip them!  I get 2 papers a week and I get them at dollar general because they are cheaper then anywhere else in town 50 cents cheaper.  I figure if you have a few minutes you can go online check your stores flyer then look through the coupons and get what you need at a reduced price!

So since it is Sunday I will be heading into town to get a couple newspapers!  I will most likely get some potatoes to make my fiance a dish he's been asking for I believe it's Shepard's pie.  You make mashed potato's and then cook up hamburger, carrots, celery, onions and peas which I don't add!  Then add some Worcestershire sauce which Nick wont eat so I can no longer add it and it really makes it!  Add some flour to the burger to thicken it and then dump that in a bowl and top with mashed potato's; it's great and simple!