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Friday, July 1, 2011

Auction Sales

So I've been busy a lot and haven't been on much.  Not that anyone appears to be reading this anyways :-(.  So heres the deal Nick and I rarely go to the movies or do traditional dates; we do however enjoy going to auctions.  We spent a saterday at one and made a decent haul.  He bought a bunch of small stuff for 1$ it included 4 garden hoses and a few other small things.  The hoses are what im using to water the garden so i don't have to lug water so far! He als bought himself a rather nice gas powered welder which he tells me he can use as a generator too.  I leave that sort of thing to himself though i told him i'd be intrested in learning to weld hey ya never know when it would come in handy!  He also bought a big white van like a 1991 or so I tellh im its the kidnapper van theres no seats other then the front and it has no windows.  He tells me it's going to be my car...oh joy!  On a god note it will be good for hauling stuff around and it went for about scrap price and yes it runs good! 

Tell me are auctions a big thing around you?  Here in SD where I am now they seem to be a pretty regular thing and I'd never been to one while living in NY. 

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