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Friday, July 8, 2011

Tasty simple dinner

Shake and bake is rather expensive for little old me.  I use flavored bread crumbs that you can buy a large package of for a dollar or so.  Tonight's dinner consisted of beat greens lightly steamed with garlic salt and butter and let me tell you what it still tasted like dirt.  So tonight were having pork chops dipped in bread crumbs and cooked in the oven.  Yes, I did buy the family sized pack on sale and put it in bags.  So I also sliced some potato's up didn't bother peeling them; just dipped them in butter then flavored bread crumbs with garlic, onion powder, salt and a little parmesan cheese.  I just mix those ingredients together and then it's easier to just dip them and throw them on a cookie pan.  I also did a mix of noodles to add something else to the dinner.  I try to figure at least one veggie not including the potato's. 

So now I'm waiting for the fiance to get off the phone with the barn guy so we can sit down to dinner.  I've already eaten all my potato's slices and they were super tasty.  I like them baked in the oven its simple and cooks in about the same time as the meat! 

Yes we're (OK he is) investing in the barn.  He's having it fixed up and tinned.  I admit I wish it wasn't so expensive to have it redone with wood because its a beautiful barn and tinning it just seems like it will make it like every other barn around instead of the majestic barn it is.  I admit though it's his barn and his money so I guess I have to let him do what he wants as long as it saves the barn.  He tells me it would be cheaper to bull doze it and put up an all steel barn!  Some day I'll post a picture of this beautiful old barn. 

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