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Monday, July 11, 2011

Sick of Leaf Lettuce

So this morning I went out and harvested some lettuce.  It's a nice green lettuce with very little taste or crunch.  I know I'm supposed to pick it in the morning I know I should refridgerate it for awhile.  It's still dull in a salad despite the fact I know it's from my garden.  I ripped out a bunch and plan to replace it with the beans I have soaking in a cup of water.  Why soak them you ask?  I soak my beans since it seems to make them sprout faster.  Since it's going to be hot ill really be watering them.  On a good note my fiance amazing man that he is set me up a watering system.  He brought home huge tanks with valves on them and then hooked the water thats being pumped from the basement (we run a sub pump here a lot to keep it dry) into the tub and I get the water for the garden!  Which is a bonus since the hose no longer runs acrossed the yard to the ditch where I almost mowed it over! 

Any thoughts on leafe lettuce what to do with it?

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