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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Another Day of Minimum Wage Work

Ugh worked from 9-2.  Which is a lot shorter and nicer then the past two days.  I'm glad to have work even if fast food service isn't my dream job it's still a job.  :-D I will be able to pay my loan without having to worry which is nice.  Hopefully I'll find something better some day.  So my garden is doing OK it wishes it wasn't so hot too.  I will have zucchini soon and I;m very excited about that.  My beans also look good and have some small beans showing.  Nick tells me I'll be over run soon; he may be right. 

On a good note the mail was a letter from my grandma and a 20 dollar check for a survey site.  The survey site is actually kind of fun.  You can wrack up points by doing surveys or just answering short questions.  If your interested in making some money online let me know.  I'll send you to their site.  Yes, the check came pretty quick!

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