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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Raspberry Dessert

So after making those biscuits I think whoever does the drop in flour is insane.  Mine tasted weird the next day and had random bits of flour in them where apparently I didn't do it right.  So maybe if I had a pro make them they'd be OK.  For tonight I made the pat and cut out method with some added sugar since I'll be using these for dessert and maybe some for tomorrow for breakfast with nutella...YUM...!  I picked the rest of the ripe raspberry's rinsed them with water and then added them to the raspberry's Nick bought ( I would have bought the frozen cheaper ones).  I washed those as well; and they didn't look worth the 1.98 he paid for them but whatever it's what he got and I can't complain because he does a really good job shopping!  So after I rinsed them I lightly sugared them so hopefully I'll get some nice sweet juice to dump over the fresh biscuits and use the rest of my whipped cream up tonight. 

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