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Thursday, July 7, 2011


Every night I try to figure out something Nick will like for dinner, after his long day at work.  I got out veal cutlets but now how should I prepare them?  Should I egg and bread and fry them?  Or should I do veal parm?  I never know and he doesn't say much ever about whether he likes something or not.  If he doesn't like it he usually makes some small comment.  So this morning I ask him what do you want for dinner?  His response is "meat".  So maybe i'll egg and bread some and then make some into a parm and leave some plain and he can tell me what he likes better.  I plan on serving it with cheddar broccoli noodles by Lipton; I think?  I like to add cream cheese to mine to make them creamier.  Not very healthy I know but yum.  I tell myself I will only have a little so I can stick as close to possible to my diet!  I also have left over coleslaw from last night and I figure hell be eating some of the lettuce greens and beet greens in a salad to start gotta use them up.  If we don't eat them the chickens and geese get them.  Saves me money on feed I figure instead of compost its valuable treats for the chickens plus they pick as much grass as they want.  Nick usually brings home corn for them too sometimes it to big for them to eat so I have to try and smash it down to size.  He seems to think a hammer on the driveway is a bad idea...Any thoughts on easy smashing of whole corn? 
OK off to start dinner even if I do have at least an hour till he gets home!

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