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Saturday, July 9, 2011

MM Steak Dinner w the Fiance's Family and Canning Jars

So we spent the day basically with Nicks family who are really nice people.  I had to laugh because when we pulled in his brother asked if we'd had dinner and we hadn't.  So he went and got more steak out.  I think Nick knows when steaks being cooked.  On a good note I know have a car to drive to and from work so can schedule an appointment to interview! Wish me luck.

When we got home my little young silkies were outside catching bugs that the light by the house had attracted I admit they were cute and I was glad to have a few less bugs but I didn't want them to be somethings dinner so I chased them back in their pen for the night. 

Ugh I drove one of nicks cars home and kept felt like I was getting bit.  I starts slapping myself and definitely killed at least 3 mosquito's!  Why do they like to eat me so much!  I know I will be scratching myself all night!  On a good note his mom sent a new recipe and a bunch of canning jars home for me yea she rocks!  She also included some bug spray the dry stuff of the kind that I usually use.  It's the outdoor version and has more deet in it so I'm hoping it will work as good without making me feel greasy.  Thanks Again to the future mother in law. 

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