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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our Treasures From the Auction Sale and Thrift Shop

So spent the day with the Nick and got a sunburn.  Actually we got a bunch of neat little things at the auction got some more dinner ware that matched our set.  I got some blankets to use as a fill for my quilts.  We got some tools and files.  We got his mom a spiffy little antique egg beater; my words not hers.  Then we went to the thrift shops!  At the first one we had a 30 percent off coupon so I got some pants for work and we got some more canning jars mostly jelly since they're more expensive then canning jars.  Nick's mom got a bunch of boxes of canning jars for a dollar a piece (for the box) for us at the auction sale she went too.  We got a bunch of books as always.  We got a bunch of movies too at the pawn shops.  We just managed to get a bunch of little things that were nice.    

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  1. So I know it'sa sad commenting on my own blog but the auction sale we went to had all this very old stuff in perfect shape. They had a washing machine with a wringer in the top of it. We got a big old all metal fan too, looks brand new. I know I'll have more to list as I go through all the boxes we got. I know we got a neat little oil lamp. As I said though it was a lonnnnggg day and it's so nice to have got it off and be able to spend it with Nick.