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Friday, June 17, 2011

Easy cheap dinner!

So Nick is heading in to his second job and i never know how late he'll be so dinner will be in the crock pot tonight!  I love crock pot dinners!  Why?  Crock pots take forever yes but they cook all the flavors together so nicely!  Plus once you dump your ingredients in you really don't have to do anything and then dinner can be served whenever you want.  OK so we got a large picnic roast (pork) it was on sale for around 1.18 lb.  It was a large roast so I chopped it into 3 pieces, I would have done 4 but the bone was to much work to cut around.  So tonight the largest chunk is dinner.  Anyways; in a frying pan I used the left over bacon grease from this morning to lightly cook onions, some finely chopped celery, carrots, and some mushrooms.  I know bacon grease is bad for you but it adds awesome flavor and I wanted something to cook the veggies in so it saved me using some sort of grease I had to pay for!  I then browned the meat a bit just because I like the taste it gives it when browned.  I also added a bunch of potatoes after cutting off the sprouts some had!  After dumping the meet and veggies in the crock pot I dumped a can of cream of mushroom soup over everything and added some garlic powder.  This will cook for hours and all the flavors will mingle together into a tasty dinner!  All I have to do later is scoop a little bit of veggies out and cut off some meat.  This will feed us several times and the total cost of the meat was around 10 bucks.  So I figure dinner cost us around 10 bucks with about a third of the meat and the veggies and soup added.  I figure if I can feed us 3 times out of the crock pot dinner I've done a decent job!  I admit I can't wait till I'm using my veggies out of my garden.

If you don't like pork you can use beef or chicken or whatever you want.  If i had been in a hurry I would have just tossed all the same ingredients into an oven bag.  If you haven't tried an oven bag I highly recommend them.  You can toss all the ingredients into the bag including the soup; and it cooks fast and keeps the meat nice and moist plus clean up is much nicer just toss the bag away!  I like adding the soup it helps with the flavor keeps it moist and; hey I don't have to make gravy!  Not to mention all the veggies taste great so even Nick who isn't a big cooked veggie person will eat them.  Now the debate is do I make rolls or not?

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