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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chicken and Biscuits for Dinner

So chicken thighs were on sale today when I went to the grocery store.  I got them for 99 cents a pound.  I had the urge for chicken and biscuit and now I'm thinking why?  It's so hot in this house.  Well I'm making them anyways and since last time Nick said my biscuits were good but not as good as some others he had tried...I;m trying 2 new recipes.  The recipes I'm trying are on these pages. 


I'll let you know which I prefer.  I think why my biscuits are slightly tougher is because I pat and shape them more then I should.  I just hate when they fall apart though.  On a side note I came home tossed the chicken thighs in a pan with some water and started cooking them with some onions, celery, and garlic salt.  Once the chicken is all cooked I'll scoop it from the pan, let it cool and then remove the meat from the bones.  I'll thicken the water/juice the chicken cooked in with some flour (mixed with water before adding to the juice).  Then about 20 minutes before Nick gets home toss the biscuits in the oven and see if he has a preference or if he can actually give me a compliment.  He will probably tell me he doesn't want to eat hot food.  Then I'll eat all the biscuits and gain a ton of weight. 

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  1. From now on I'll stick to the pat out biscuits and Nick is now complaining about my job he wanted me to get. Oh and he didn't wanna eat hot food....