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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Container Gardening

I suppose the people that usually do container gardening are ones with little space.  For me it's because my fiance works a lot and I don't want to run the borrowed tiller!  Bad things seem to happen with my operating equipment.  Nick always says to me this is why we can't have nice things when i break something.  To be fair though he broke 2 chairs while visiting my family.  We're slightly destructive I guess.  So back to the containers I'm planting in them because a) I need more space, b) I've got a lot of barrels c) I'm hoping I can have a longer harvest time since I can just move them into the garage when it starts to get cold and finally d) if I want fresh herbs for my cooking I can just walk out the front door.  I know your thinking how far away is the garden not that far but the bugs are horrible here especially where my garden is.  It just will be convenient for me.  I'm hoping it works well; I guess if it doesn't I wont waste my time next year.  If you go on you tube you can see plenty of awesome videos on how to make your own garden while getting the most out of your containers.  I likes the barrel they had lettuce growing out all of the holes in the side of it.  It was pretty and convenient.  The plan is to eventually get Nick to get my strawberry barrels done co I can have them close to the house for easy picking while avoiding the deer.  Ugh the deer have pretty much decimated our poor raspberrys' I tried spraying them with hot pepper spray maybe it will help.  Maybe I should just invest in a licence this fall and get some venison to go with my veggies!

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