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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So this morning I got up fed the chickens, geese and myself.  The chickens are out hopefully eating some bugs while I decided to have cornbread left over from last nights supper of cornbread and chili.  It's weird cooking for just 2, I'm used to being with at least 3 other people so here I always make to much.  On a good note I don't like my chili to burn my face off and yet Nick likes food hot...so you see the problem?  Well I made the chili with a slight kick and figured he wouldn't like  it but he did tell me it was pretty good!  Yay!  Of course the cornbread rocked!  Yes, I ate to much.  On a good note I made the cornbread with brown sugar instead of white and whole wheat flour instead of the white flour it called for.  Less processed is better for you!  OK at least in my opinion.  Nick told me that it seemed pretty heavy and he likes it a bit lighter so i guess more baking soda next time?  I'll post the recipe since I liked it so much and hope you will enjoy it too.  http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Grandmothers-Buttermilk-Cornbread/Detail.aspx

So I'm sure people looking at my title are like where do herbs come into this.  That's my plan of the day!  To get my herbs in the cut off barrels Nick made for me.  Sounds easier then it is.  I have to fill the wheelbarrow full of dirt lug it over to the house dump it in the barrels and did I mention I have a lot of seeds and barrels.  I know its going to be a pain now but when i can have fresh herbs I'll be loving it.  What we don't feed the chickens goes into a compost heap and we have a lot of nice compost I plan on using.  I'm hoping to get enough dirt from the pile that I don't have to go get it from anywhere else.....we'll see.  I refuse to buy bags of dirt when the soil is so nice out here.  We have black dirt and when he plowed my first garden here there was only one rock in the whole 40'x60' lot.  No this really isn't as big as I wanted but next year we'll start earlier and go bigger!  I also plan on getting the potato tops i cut off in and seeing how those do!  wish me luck lugging all this dirt around.  Yes i am still going to go for my walk because of all the corn bread I ate!  I'll take pictures of my barrels once I'm done!  Some of you are thinking where is her big strong man for all this?  We'll he's at his secnd job.  He tells me it's to keep me in my life of luxury.  Ha Ha. 

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