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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Working on Losing Weight Without Huge Cost

So I figure the garden will help me eat better and get exercise.  I've packed on so much weight from my high school time that I just feel tired all the time.  I've been walking an hour every day.  It honestly makes me feel better, except for the shin splints!  i figure its cheap exercise.  I already had the sneakers so the only cost is the bug spray I use!  I  have never seen bugs like there are here in S.D.  I seriously look like I have hives from spending time in the garden.  I'm using the deep woods bug spray which sort of works.  Any suggestions for keeping them away would be awesome!    I'm looking for some good advice on DVDs I can do at home.  Since I don't have the money to spend on a gym membership or gas money to drive the 40 Min's to the gym, I'd love some feedback!  I use listia to get most of my DVDs.  It's free and seriously I've got a lot of neat stuff off of there.  It's like eBay but instead of money you get points.  I'll post a link that if you sign up through you will get an extra 100 points and so will I.  So thanks ahead of time.  http://www.listia.com/signup/233313
This site is awesome it makes me feel like I can still have little luxuries without worry about the money spent on them!  I do love my movies.  :-D

Anyways back to the weight thing you would think doing all the cooking I could handle losing some weight without an issue.  I do cook healthy I just have an issue with portion control and I'm used to living with 3 or 4 other people; not just Nick and I.  I do love homemade breads and sweet rolls and....well you get the picture.  I have a portion control issue :-D.  I need a little self control.  Tell me your story's?  I've done Atkins and lost weight but then packed it all back on.  I need something that I can handle not feel super deprived.  I currently walk a lot work in the garden and drink lots of green tea to help me feel fuller.  I'm also trying to manage my portions and not eat to late at night.  This is hard for me since Nick works the night shift I'm usually lonely, bored, and eat late. 

Ugh I'm drinking those powdered weight loss supplements.  I have 2 different kinds.  The one flavor is lemonade, it's not horrible.  The other is peach and seriously if i hadn't paid for it, I'd toss it, its terrible.  On top of that I haven't noticed me shedding pounds like crazy. Ha Ha.  Who knows.  Leave me  a comment on your battles. 

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