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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Day Gone

Another day gone and as always I never seem to get as much done as I want too.  I admit it, I took a nap today because I just felt tired.  I did get all my herbs planted and my potato's in grey tubs!  However I didn't hook up my incubator as planned I know there's still time tonight so I think after this entry I'll head out and hook the thing up.  I know I'll be looking for directions online since I can't remember if I'm supposed to add water now or later and what;s the perfect temperature to hatch.  Is the temp for hatching chicken eggs 100 or 99 or does it not matter a degree.  I'll probably get them in there turn them everyday 3 times a day and none will be fertile; just seems to be my luck sometimes. 

I tried another cornbread recipe using molasses instead of brown sugar more milk and less butter but Nick tells me he doesn't like the molasses after taste so it's back to the drawing board. 

I guess i get lonely at night because it seems to be the worst time of the day for stuffing my face.  Does anyone else see the trend where later in the day they tend to lose their will power?  I;m sitting here searching for instructions on my incubator and I think ill just plug it in set the thermometer in and see what the temp says in the morning and then call my amazing mom for advise!  Oh yea I've got homemade popcorn...I wish I had more will power I guess it's the lonely factor my fiance is the only friend I have here and with him working 2 jobs I rarely see him.  So I'm a lonely eating machine! 

On a good note I made a few bucks doing surveys from home not much but something!  Also I love this site and have earned a lot of gift cards from them just from using them as a search engine.  They give you points randomly for searching and you can turn them in for gift cards.  I always do amazon gift cards because hey I love amazon.  I'm going to try and attach a banner to sign up through it helps me if you do it through my banner if you don't want to that's fine.  Thanks to those of you that do!
<a target="_top" href="http://swagbucks.com/refer/countrychic84ny"><img alt="Search & Win" title="Search & Win" border="0" src="http://prodegebanners.sitegrip.com/images/swagbucks-173x63.jpg"></a>

So tomorrows plans, do the dishes, put the eggs in the incubator, get my flowers planted, feed Nick left overs!  Hopefully get some more surveys done make some more money really hoping some of my checks will be here soon!  I do love seeing the free boxes of samples and checks in the mailbox!  Maybe I can con the fiance to take me to the thrift stores this weekend there's always a bargain to be found.  Since we don't go the movies much we usually spend around 20 bucks at the pawn shop and get a stack of DVDs.  I usually figure 3 bucks or less per DVD is our average spending price.  I do love the bargains.  Thanks for reading!

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