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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Chicken/Goose Project

So the other pet I have running around is a blue Cochin hen and a silky rooster.  I know I need some more chickens!  I'm working on getting some money together to get some!  Fresh eggs is amazing and you can always use eggs for something!  Mmmm homemade pudding with fresh eggs is amazing!  The color is much nicer when using free range eggs since they get outside to get the grass the yolks are much yellower almost orange.  OK I know its crazy to get excited about chickens but I do.  The other benefit to them is meat.  Harsh sounding huh?  What do you do if you have  a bunch of roosters tho?  I personally can't kill them.  It's one of my failings as a provider.   I have been trying to get my fiance to get me a thermometer so I can try hatching out my chickens eggs she was in with a blue Cochin rooster so I'm hoping ill get a few chicks. The little guys/gals (hopefully mostly hens) are silkies also just different colors.  In the picture with the blue Cochin or the grey chicken as Nick calls her I'm feeding them the sunflower seed rolls nick didn't like.  I try to keep my feed bill pretty low!  They eat a lot of grass bugs and whatever scraps we have left over.  I always have food on hand for a treat and the babies have to get special crumbles because everything else is to big for them. 

If your wondering if the chickens bug my garden; no they don't.  Most likely because they have so much room to run around the yard.  Nick has about 11 acres so the chickens tend to just free range around that and come back to their pen at night. 

I also have 2  geese.  They seem to be pretty worthless!  I like them tho, that's why their here!  They were both free and I think one may be sterile since last year she sat on eggs and none hatched.  There a good warning when someones here...geese make some serious noise when someone pulls in the driveway.  No they aren't even worth anything for eggs since she doesn't lay very well.  I guess I wouldn't like her so much but she was a friends pet and when he died the family brought me her.  She is a lovely sweet goose with pretty blue eyes.  However her mate is mean; he bites and hisses!  If your going to go for the better deal get chickens they're smaller, eat less, take up less space, make more eggs, and make a lot less mess! The geese do mow down the grass nicely tho!

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