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Friday, June 17, 2011

Making Money Online

So since I don't have a job at this point I've spent hours surfing the Internet for jobs I can do from home.  I have no particular gift for sewing or crafts so I avoid etsy.  Mostly I do surveys it gives me something to do and earns me a small income.  SO I guess  I haven't discovered those ones that offer to pay you 75 dollars a month!  If Anyone does find them let me know.  I just mypoints a lot and have made 100 bucks with them in under a year!  They have a lot of ways to make money using them.  They offer daily emails that give you 5 points a piece just for clicking and if you already shop with someone you can earn points by clicking on the stores website through my points.  Searching also earns you points.  There just a super easy place to earn some money with stuff you already do.  Not to mention they also offer surveys and some of them are rather long but if you have nothing else to do and could use some money it works.  I have done surveys through a ton of websites some actually pay fast and are worth it while others get all the info they need then tell you sorry you didn't qualify. 
My latest adventure is data entry I've signed up for a website and am hoping its legit on making money.  I took a test for it and they will let me know if they have any work for me to do.  We shall see I'm really hoping I can find something with a slightly better income then my surveys that  I do on a regular basis.  I probably make a hundred or so bucks a month doing surveys part time.  Like I said some sites are better then others!

If your interested in websites I've actually made money on leave me a message on here and I will gladly forward you links for the best ones that I've actually made money on!  Plus they send you stuff to test and try I do love getting free stuff in the mail!

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