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Monday, August 1, 2011

Making the Most of IT and Letting the Chickens Eat Grasshoppers

Ugh it has been so hot and gross here it's unbelievable.  On a crap note we have grasshoppers everywhere.  They have eaten one of my currents and several plants.  On a good note the little silkies are enjoying chasing down the grass hoppers and eating them.  I wish they would go after the bigger ones too.  They seem to eat the little ones but the big ones not so much.  The older hen and rooster just seem to eat my plants.  I'm thinking stew!  I'm joking of course, I love the old silkie rooster he's not afraid of anything and always comes right up to me.  There's not much prettier then a Cochin even though ours has some attitude and is constantly broody.  I figure if they eat the grass hoppers they aren't eating the corn so I can save that for when there's less abundance and it encourages them to remove some of my pest a win win situation. 

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