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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Doing the Surveys to Get the $$ or Gift Cards

If you want to make the money/gift cards you need to put time into doing them.  I am up early doing surveys to make a bit of extra cash...
Try superpoints.  I'm doing it this morning just clicking a button to earn points for gift cards.  I love using gift cards for books later. 
Check out eyebuydirect.com for buy one get one free for eye glasses they have the lenses and frames for 6.95 and up...and yes they are awesome.!  If you have mypoints you get points for every dollar spent and they have tons of giftcard/paypal options as rewards and it doesn't cost anything!  If you want to help me out I'm countrychic84ny@yahoo.com for mypoints I'm saving my points to go home for my wedding!
SWAGBUCKS This is where I get my gift cards for amazon for my addiction to reading!  I make sure I use this search engine and do the daily poll every day I love the points.  I make at last 10 dollars in gift cards a month just randomly doing searches.  I haven't done many surveys because they seem to take forever and I never seem to qualify!
TOLUNA  This site is pretty cool!  They have super quick easy surveys!  It takes a bit to cash out but when you do the money is nice!  Again I'm under there as countrychic84ny@yahoo.com if you wanna help me sign up! 
I have tons that I make a little bit on and if you want referrals send me a message here and I'll send you the link! You need to do them tho to make the money! 


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