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Sunday, February 12, 2012


So I'm trying to plan my wedding..CHEAP! My parents aren't really well off so expecting them to help would be pointless!  I love mom and all but can't put any burden on her!  Since I don't think I'll be winning the lottery or coming into any money any time soon I'm doing my thrifty thing!  I will buy my flowers in bulk and make my own bouquets!  Hopefully they will look good!  If your a bride looking for cheap flowers look on ebay or these sites looked good!

 So these are just some of the flower sites I looked at you can do a google search and find lots of sites for flowers!  I figure the same thing goes for favors...I'll make my own I have some crafty friends!  I love a lot of the stuff on oriental trading and the dollar tree has amazing ideas for brides too.  Check them out if your poor like me trying to make the most of it! 
Cheap dress?  I am looking on ebay I figure I'll spend around 150 tops for the dress I like and that's less then I just did as a bridesmaid!  Oh well maybe after the wedding I can sell that ball gown on ebay so not feel like a total loss!  Also sell.com had cheap dresses and amazon sells some too if you've made tons of gift cards from http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/countrychic84ny or my points then you'll be able to help pay for it too!  I'm always looking for other thoughts on making my wedding wonderful and not to expensive!

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