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Friday, January 20, 2012

So You Want to Save Money?

You want to save money on what food, clothes, accessory?  Well food is easy, clip coupons, buy less name brands!  Make meals at home!  Make soup once in awhile it's super easy and pretty cheap!  Grab chicken thighs you can get them for about 88 cents a pound or less!  Toss them in  pot boil them with water and toss in some veggies, potatoes, carrots, celery, onions are pretty cheap!  Or make chicken and biscuits!  It's cheap and tasty plus you'll have left overs!  Watch for sales on special things, like steak if you have to have it!  If you love meat like us then buy half or a 1/4 of a cow from a farmer!  In the end it will be much cheaper then getting your meat from the store!  Plan your meals out it takes some time but you'll end up less stressed and save some money instead of grabbing some already cooked chicken you know at home you've got a box of store brand mac and cheese for a 50 cents to a dollar and a package of hamburger.  It's like three bucks for dinner.  I realize that one box of mac and cheese feeds us but you will need more if you have a big family!  I'm not saying do that daily but one meal a week for 3 bucks will save you! 

Ok so you want a crock pot or some kitchen accessory?  Go to the thrift store I guarantee you'll save money there and what does it matter if it's used as long as it still works?  I'm not saying buy your underwear used but  you can find name brand clothes if that's what you want!  I've got most of my bread pans and cake pans used!  I wash them before using!  It's our fun time auction sales are even better usually for getting used appliances, I have even got stuff still in the box!  We usually get better bargains at the auction sales then thrift stores!

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