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Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Should Be Cleaning

Ok so I quit my job I wasn't happy there, the pay sucked and it was making me fatter!  That's my goal by the way to lose some weight before my wedding!  So anyways I'm a bridesmaid in my brothers wedding and I was going to wait to buy a dress so if I do lose weight it would fit better!  But today I got a call fro the bride telling me that they are discontinuing the dress!  So I just ordered it and it cost 172 dollars, yikes!  There goes most of my last pay check!  Well the dress and my student loan payment!  So now I really need to be doing as many surveys as I can and hoping people will sign up to make some money with the same surveys sites so we help each other out!  I just made another 5 dollar gift card through swagbucks I usually get the amazon gift card since I read a lot.  They have everything tho!  This is one of my new favorite sites http://www.instantcashsweepstakes.com/invitations/ref_link/335129  they pay in the same day!
I keep telling myself I will get back to cleaning now at least get the dishes done anyways. :(  Then I'll look for a tutoring job maybe find something I can make a few more bucks a month on!

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