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Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Day Off Sort Of...

Ok so I've been working my part time job and haven't done any blogging sorry!  Lately I've actually been getting some decent hours at work 10 and 11 hr shifts!  I guess that still doesn't add up to much when its minimum wage and I'm not full time.

On a side note I've been doing a lot of coupon clipping.  Am I an extreme coupon-er, no!  I wish!  I just go through the coupons then look at the local store which only doubles up to 50 cents and doesn't double on stuff on sale.  Sometimes items on sale would still be cheaper at wal-mart!  I figure it's a small local store I don't have to drive since I work in town anyways so it is probably still cheaper shopping at the local store with coupons.  I like that I can check the flyer and then write down my coupons next to what I want despite my fiance teasing me about my cheat list!  It just makes sense to clip them!  I get 2 papers a week and I get them at dollar general because they are cheaper then anywhere else in town 50 cents cheaper.  I figure if you have a few minutes you can go online check your stores flyer then look through the coupons and get what you need at a reduced price!

So since it is Sunday I will be heading into town to get a couple newspapers!  I will most likely get some potatoes to make my fiance a dish he's been asking for I believe it's Shepard's pie.  You make mashed potato's and then cook up hamburger, carrots, celery, onions and peas which I don't add!  Then add some Worcestershire sauce which Nick wont eat so I can no longer add it and it really makes it!  Add some flour to the burger to thicken it and then dump that in a bowl and top with mashed potato's; it's great and simple! 

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