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Sunday, December 4, 2011


So I've been doing www.Superpoints.com, it's a pretty simple site they do offer surveys to do but I've just been clicking the super lucky button.  I found a link to sign up because you have to be referred and so far it seems simple and easy to do.  Has anyone tried it?  Do you want to?

It works on a referral system you can get what your friends make if your at gold.  I'm at the basic member level and only get 30 clicks a day.   If this isn't for you and you want to just earn money through paypal consider http://www.instantcashsweepstakes.com/invitations/ref_link/335129
this website does super short surveys and as you continue to do them you get a higher trust level and more surveys!  They are almost always 3 questions and super short plus payout is two dollars which is nice! 

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