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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So Tired Lately

So lately I've just had issues getting house work done and I've been very tired.  Not sure if I am homesick or lacking vitamins or what.  So I ordered some vitamins and got points while doing it.  I think they were cheaper then buying them at wal-mart at least the one I got anyways.  Nick is trying to lose weight so I am trying to help him by cooking better with less carbs.  Or If he does get carbs there from veggies not boxes of pasta.  He also has been complaining about grocery's and to be fair we do like to eat; and eat well!  I have been trying to get more into coupon clipping but seriously we don't use a lot of brand names because usually even with a coupon they're more expensive.  So we've  been eating a lot of chicken and hamburger ( what we have most of in the fridge)  and squash the one thing that did well in my garden!  What's your trick to coupon use?

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